How To Double Your House Painting
Business Income In 6 Months 

Without Advertising, Working Harder, or Charging Less!

It's time to take control over your painting business & your income.
Discover how to find the right leads who become life-long customers by using a proven and easy-to-use system.

Introduction Price For First 10 People Only

Have You Experienced one of those moments when you're driving to work and it becomes painfully clear, 

"I'm not living the life I want!"?

If so, I feel your pain! 

I was once right there where you are now... and I hated it more than anything! 

I want you to know it doesn't need to be that way any longer. It took me eight long years to figure things out, but once I did I turned it around in just a few months! Let me show you how you can do the same with your house painting business.

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So many of the clients I work with tell me when they try to raise their prices the customer goes with another painter who will do the work for less. What frustrates them the most is they know their competition is working for less because they're not doing quality work, using the same quality paint, or there shortcutting the job in some way. Maybe you can relate?

They tell me they need more homeowners who understand a quality job costs more, and are willing to pay for a quality product or service. 

The bottom line... they want to know how to raise their prices without losing jobs to their competitors...

They think the competition working for less is the issue, but the real problem is, that they're not giving their leads enough reasons to pay a premium price for their painting services! 

In other words... they're not communicating the value their customer will get when they buy from them. 

Are you?

The truth is you have no control over what your competition does, but you have complete control over what you do. 

>> In my course the focus is on what you can control... How YOU choose to operate your business.<< 


  Dealing with Leadership and Sales issues is so much easier when you're given a blue-print to follow. Success has to be earned and worked for, but Terry's approach takes away some of the hard work. I've done many Sales and Marketing courses, but I like the way Terry seeks to cut out the weeds and just leave you with what is important. I would recommend this course.  

My question to you is... 
are you selling your painting services for 3, 
or even 4 times more than what you need to make? 

If so, then you're doing it right, good for you! 
That's what owning a house painting business should be like. 

Or, are you pricing it so low you need to bust your butt just to turn a profit in the hopes none of the competition needs the job more than you? 

If the 2nd scenario sounds more like your business and you don't solve it, you could end up fighting it out in low-price wars with other painters for the rest of your working life.

It doesn't have to be this way though...

You can start changing this TODAY!

Welcome to my course for House Painters! 

The title is exactly what I'm offering. 


Because I know for a fact that's what it takes to be successful in the painting industry. 

How do I know? 

Because I lived it. 

I spent way too many years running a business that went unnoticed. I always felt like I was just one lost job away from bankruptcy. I felt like a failure and I was miserable. 

Today I'm happy to say that I'm at the other end of the spectrum. Because I learned when your service is unforgettable, business is easy, the money is great, and life is fun! 

 I created my program for house painters because I see business owners every day who are struggling. Business owners who remind me of where I once was... and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. 

 Especially since it's so easy to turn it around in this industry!

My program will show you how to fill your pipeline with loyal customers who will buy your painting services at a premium price, buy from you over and over, and refer you to every homeowner they know. 

You and your painting business will become unforgettable to your clients! 

The best part... Without paying big bucks for a franchise or an expensive business consultant.


full of common-sense tips with a foundation of those old-time values that really resonate with people. Loyal, honest, genuine, attention to detail, would be hard to find someone who does not respond to these traits.

This course spells out the simple steps and the obvious methods we all too often know, but allow to be drowned out by "hype." I would recommend this course to anyone who hates selling but wants a successful business. 

Course Overview:

Before the sale

  • Mindset for success: How to develop a mindset that will guarantee success in your painting business and life.
  • ​Credibility Fast track: The quickest way to establish credibility with homeowners
  • ​Charging right: How to get your price even though you're the most expensive bid.
  • Be different: The secret to setting yourself apart from other painters in your area.

During the sale

  • Likability: The secret to becoming the person others want to know and do business with.
  • ​Building Success: The truth about growing your painting business effortlessly using these 3 steps.
  • ​The truth about trust: How to get it and how to use it effectively.
  • ​Evidence Gallery: The single most powerful tool in your sales pitch.

After the sale

  • Going beyond: The single most important habit to creating life-long customers.
  • ​Your Secret Weapon: The easiest way to grow a painting business.
  • ​Risk Reversal: The one secret that most painters overlook that keeps them top of mind to their clients and ahead of the competition.
  • Communication Mastery: How to ensure raving homeowners, amazing testimonials, and maximum profit.

100+ Page fillable workbook to make applying these systems super easy. Customizable to your Painting business instantly.


The choice is yours... 

You can hire a business consultant for $200/hour, multiplied by who knows how many hours? 


You can buy a franchise if you're wealthy, but then again, if you're already wealthy you probably wouldn't be reading this right now. 


You can let me show you a new way of thinking about your house painting business that will give you a huge competitive edge over everyone else in your area, using easy-to-follow, and proven systems. 

What about the investment? 

It will probably shock you...

I am not charging you for the full value of the course which is $1237

I'm not even charging you the retail price of $497

For a limited time only, I am offering you to take your business to new heights, to UNFORGETTABLE,  for the ridiculously low price of $197!  (first 10 people only)

But you'll have to be decisive, offer is valid until the 10 spots fill up.

(valued at $1237)

Course Guarantee

I know my course works because, as I mentioned earlier... I've lived it. I been at both ends of the spectrum. I know what it takes to go from a train wreck to a smooth running painting business that consistently generates maximum profits with zero dollars spent on advertising. 

I provide the guidance and tools to give you the power to do what I have done. 

I'm so confident it will work for you I AM GUARANTEEING YOUR SUCCESS! 

That's right, buy my course, take up to a year to learn and apply the concepts and tools in your own painting business, follow the easy steps and if you don't see amazing results (granted you have done the work and are still not seeing results), I will refund your money in full. Just send us an email after 12 months and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Another reason I know it works - I'm proud to say no one has ever contacted me for a refund!

Still not convinced?

I get it, you're like me! You want to make sure you get the absolute most for your hard earned money because it came with a price, am I right? You have busted your butt, long days, no quality time with the family, and probably not any down time either. So you want to make sure this is the real deal before you decide to invest. I will make it easy for you, an absolute no-brainer... But just for the first 10 people so make sure you don't miss out!

When you sign up today you won't just get the course and the workbook. 
I will also throw in these bonuses just for you! But remember, this offer only stays valid until the timer runs out.


Unlimited email support for 12 months after you enrol. 

  • Accountability: Get help to stay on track and moving forward, even on the hard days. We are just one email away. 
  • Support: No need to get stuck. With this bonus our team is on call to help you succeed.
  • Extra information: Did you know those willing to reach out and ask for help are far more likely to succeed? This bonus will help you maximise your investment and get additional information not shown in the course.

6 ready-to-use templates that will do the selling for your... At the price you want to charge!

  • Know: Templates designed for painters to help your leads get to know you quickly without much effort on your part. Just rinse and repeat.
  • ​Like: Studies show that people want to do business with those they like. Let's make that happen with these easy-to-use templates, completely customizable to your business.
  • ​Trust: With consumer trust at an all-time low, these templates are crucial to getting your lead over the line.

Normally, people pay $1237 for the course, the workbook, the email support, and the templates. But for the first 10 people, you can get it all for the crazy deal of $197 when paying in full today.


These lessons are particularly aimed at contractors. However, large businesses aimed at consumers would benefit from Terry's experience. Happy customers become advocates and ambassadors for your business. Building trust is the result of how you stand behind your product. And in the beginning, middle and end, the relationships you build will make the difference.

Terry's course will make it easier for someone starting out to build success much more quickly. It takes a bit more effort, the desire to communicate completely, set and exceed expectations, and thorough follow through. Unfortunately, few people will take the extra effort. While easy to is easier not to do. And that is what will make you stand out!

Easily one of the best courses on customer relations. I even recommend it to my manufacturing clients. In the end, it is all about relationships! 

So Let's Recap

When you sign up for the Unnoticed to Unforgettable program you get:

  • 25 video training modules: Helping you through the 3 phases of the sale effortlessly, and dare I say it, will make you fall in love with the process of selling! (valued at $541)
  • 100+ page fillable workbook: To help you focus and stay on track to building, establishing and scaling your business to where you always imagined it to be. ($252)
  • Power 6 Pack templates: Powerful, customizable templates that will do the selling for your... At the price you want to charge! (Valued at $47)
  • 12 month unlimited email support: For the extra support and accountability you need to go to the next level in your business (valued at $397)
PLUS you’ll get the mindset for success to help you develop a mindset that will guarantee success in your business and life, the credibility fast track, and learn how to get your price even though you're the most expensive offer. 

AND when you join TODAY you'll receive the audio version of Terry's bestselling book Attract & Keep Customers for Life when paying in full. 

NOT TO MENTION The secret to becoming the person others want to know and do business with, the truth about growing your business with ease, how to get your prospects to trust you and use it effectively, the single most powerful tool in your sales pitch, the one secret that most entrepreneurs overlook that keeps them top of mind to their clients and ahead of the competition, and so much more! 

That makes everything you get when you join my program worth more than $1237!

It's time to make a decision...

 And the way I see it you have two choices.
One: keep searching for a way to create a business that will give you and those you care about a better life (It took me eight years). 
Two: Invest in yourself and learn how to create a better life, starting today! If you've read this far I think it's safe to say you're ready for a change. 

You deserve to be making a lot more money than you are currently making. And, if quality workmanship, and a strong work ethic were everything necessary to be successful, you’d be successful. But that's not how it works, is it?

Let me pull back the curtains and show you what it truly takes to create a highly successful business.

Ultimately, you have to make the choice if you want things to get better. Maybe you think you can't do it. But I know you can. 

I’m positive proof that anybody can. 

 I had no special advantages over you. In my high school graduating class I was in the bottom 10%. I had no marketing background. The only money I had was the little I saved painting for builders. I'm ordinary, but I wouldn't give up. 

Believe it or Not, Making Serious Money in Your Business is Not About Book Smarts, Hard Work or Technical skills. 

 It’s How Much You Know About: 

 • Finding the right customers • Communicating your value • And using a proven system

 When you invest in my program you’ll also learn how to:

  • Position yourself as “The Expert”
  • Gain a HUGE Competitive Edge Over the Competition
  • ​Be first choice and top of mind to your leads and clients
  • ​How to turn customers into raving fans and life-long return business
  • ​Scale your business without spending a dime in advertising

You can do it by yourself

I hope your dreams haven't become such a far-away vision you've almost forgotten them in your quest to pay your never ending bills and put a roof over your head.
 I wish there was someone like me who taught these money-making strategies when I was starting out. Many mistakes I made cost me hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars. 

 You Can Fight it (like I did for eight years!) 


Discover a New Way of Running Your Business That Will Blow the Lid Off Your Income In The Next 6 Months When Following These Proven Systems!

I provide the guidance and tools to give you the power to do what I've done, and avoid the mistakes I made. 

 If You KNOW in Your Heart You're Worth More, and You're Ready to Grab the Reins and Improve Your Life and Scale your Business Then This is for You.

Updated: Only 10 6 spots left


The extras he gives are awesome! I love the 6 pack! We all know that we must ‘overdeliver’ – that’s a given!
Terry takes it a step further. He has a unique and easy way of explaining the art of impressing and amazing your customers before and after the sale. This coupled with an authentic way of asking for (earned) referrals and testimonials is genius.

While not a painter, my work as a Hypnotist/Coach, depends largely on referrals. (I also checked out Terry’s website and got some great ideas for videos and written testimonials.)

By capturing their words right at the end of the session, and simply asking them if they are comfortable being on my website (with no pressure)... this is GOLD! As soon as they open their eyes; dots now connected on next steps, feeling into their confidence, tapping into their purpose and being totally blissed out... THIS is the time to capture the essence of their experience!

This course is loaded with gems for anyone who sells products or services or earns their living on referrals! 

Firstly, this is the only course uniquely designed for House Painters. If you do find a more broad contractors course, most of the time, curriculums like this one are ONE of three things: immersion-based, repetition-based, or mastery-based . This curriculum actually dives into all three categories so you get a well-rounded, all-encompassing experience as you build and grow your business… Not to mention: Terry Begue's experience is unmatched. He has condensed 40+ years of knowledge into an amazing, easy-to-follow, implementation program. In short, Unnoticed to Unforgettable is different because it’s SUCH high value and it really, really works. 
Whether you have owned your painting business for years, are someone looking to start a business, or anything in between, This is the right course for you. Terry has condensed decades into days (literally). We’ve had so many beginners and experienced painters go through this course and absolutely love it! They are still using it in their businesses today! No matter what level you’re at, you’ll be able to apply this no doubt.
If you’re asking yourself this, I bet there’s been something in your life that you didn’t do because you didn’t feel like you were ready. Honestly, with anything new in life you’re never going to feel fully “ready." It’s okay to take uncomfortable action because on the other side could very well be your next level. Plus if you jump in and it’s not for you, just let us know within one year and we will issue you a full refund. The risk is on us and we are totally cool with that. We have 2 of the best people in the game giving you world class education & if you’re willing to put in the work and follow a plan we have laid out, you got this!
If you don't have time to set yourself up for the future you desire and gain new capabilities to thrive in our changing world then you need this course more than anyone. Let Terry and Tessa help you create a life where time is an asset not a burden!


When you choose to enrol in this program we will always be here to support You. Our role is to accompany and assist You in reaching your own goals, but your success depends primarily on your own effort, motivation, commitment and follow-through. We cannot predict and do not guarantee that You will attain a particular result, and You accept and understand that results differ for each individual. Each individual’s results depend on his or her unique background, dedication, desire, motivation, actions, and numerous other factors. 

If you're ready to learn my secret keys for creating a painting business that's fun and profitable than click on the "Enroll Today" button below.

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